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Kanakabati’s Radiance: An Odia Folktale of Curse, Courage, and Redemption


Once upon a time in the vibrant kingdom of Utkala(modern-day Odisha), there lived a princess of unparalleled beauty, both inside and out. Her name was Kanakabati, a name that shone as brightly as gold. Her heart was as pure as the holy waters of the river Ganga, and her beauty was a topic of folklore across neighbouring kingdoms.

However, not everyone rejoiced in her virtue and beauty. In the shadowy realms of the kingdom resided a vile witch, seething with envy at Kanakabati’s radiance. Spurned by her malevolent heart, she cast a curse on the innocent princess. Overnight, Kanakabati’s golden skin turned as dark as the night sky.

Terrified by this sudden transformation and the fear of the curse spreading, the king banished his beloved daughter from the kingdom. With a heavy heart, Kanakabati left, her only companions being the sorrow in her heart and the determination in her spirit.

She wandered through dense forests and crossed ferocious rivers, the reflection in the water a constant reminder of her curse. In her travels, she stumbled upon a dilapidated temple, home to an old, blind sage. Sensing her despair, the sage asked her to narrate her tale.

Touched by her sorrow and her resolute spirit, the sage revealed a way to break the curse. “In the heart of this very forest, there’s a hidden cave guarded by a beast,” he explained. “Inside, a sacred lotus blooms once in a hundred years. Its nectar can break any curse, but retrieving it would require courage and wit.”

Braving her fears, Kanakabati ventured into the forest’s depths, her determination burning brighter than ever. After a series of trials and tribulations, she outwitted the beast guarding the cave and found the sacred lotus in full bloom. Drawing the nectar from the lotus, she consumed it and, like a morning sun dispelling the darkness, her curse was lifted. Her skin glowed once more, radiant as a golden dawn.

News of her transformation reached her kingdom, and her family, filled with joy and remorse, welcomed her back with open arms. The kingdom celebrated Kanakabati’s return, and her story became a symbol of resilience, courage, and the triumphant power of goodness.

From then on her tale inspired generations. And the kingdom of Utkala thrived, the echoes of her courage resonating in every nook and corner, a testament to the princess who turned her curse into her strength.

Disclaimer: The stories shared on this website are folklores and have been passed down through generations. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information presented, we cannot guarantee the original source of these stories. Readers are advised to use their own discretion and judgment when reading and interpreting these stories. We are not accountable for the source of these stories or any claims that may arise from their use.


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