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The Folktale of Indigo Jackal: A Royal Deception

the indigo jackal

Once, deep within the dense, verdant jungles of Odisha, a story echoed that resonated through the forest’s whispering leaves and chattering brooks. It was the tale of a jackal, a creature often considered astute and cunning, but this one was destined to live an extraordinary life, albeit for a brief moment.

This jackal, unlike his peers, was always on the prowl, not just for food, but also for mischief. His insatiable curiosity often led him to places where he was not meant to be. On one such adventurous day, he wandered far off from his usual tracks and found himself near a human settlement. The village dyers, renowned for their vibrant dyes, had left a vat of deep blue indigo out in the sun. The jackal, tempted by the unfamiliar, jumped in without a second thought, surrendering himself to the alluring hue of the dye.

When he emerged, he was no longer the golden-brown creature of stealth. Instead, he was a radiant shade of blue, shimmering and exquisite, as though kissed by the midnight sky itself. Seeing his reflection in a nearby pond, the jackal was entranced by his own transformation. An idea, as brilliant as his new coat, popped into his head.

As he paraded through the forest, he was a spectacle. The animals stared, mouths agape, at this divine being. “Who are you?” they’d ask in awe. With a twinkle in his eye, the jackal declared, “I am a messenger of the gods, sent to rule over this land and protect all its inhabitants.”

The animals, naive and eager for guidance, hailed him as their king. They brought him the juiciest fruits, the freshest water, and served him with unyielding devotion. Life for the jackal was opulent. The world was at his paws, and he reveled in the glory and power.

But with each passing day, his arrogance swelled. He had successfully fooled everyone, yet nature always finds a way to reveal the truth. One clear night, surrounded by all the animals, he heard distant howls of fellow jackals. Drawn by a force stronger than his will, an impulse he couldn’t resist, he joined in with his own genuine howl. That true call, combined with a distinctive bark, echoed in the forest, unveiling his real identity to all.

Realization dawned upon the animals. They felt betrayed, their trust shattered. Their revered king was nothing but a deceptive jackal. In their anger and hurt, they rallied and chased the impostor, who now ran not with pride but with fear, regret stinging him at every turn.

He did escape that night, his indigo coat battered and his spirit crushed, never to be seen in those parts again.

The trees still whisper his tale, a cautionary story of deceit, ambition, and the transient nature of power obtained through falsehoods. For even if one wears a cloak of deception, truth has its way of shining through. And when it does, consequences are never far behind.

The tale of the indigo jackal, fondly remembered in the local language as ‘Nila Barna Srugal’, is not just a whisper among the trees of Odisha but also finds its roots in the ancient Indian collection of animal fables, the Panchatantra. These age-old stories, with their intricate morals and memorable characters, have traversed through time, shaping minds and instilling lessons in generations. The ‘Nila Barna Srugal’ remains a testament to the timeless wisdom these tales embody.

Disclaimer: The stories shared on this website are folklores and have been passed down through generations. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the information presented, we cannot guarantee the original source of these stories. Readers are advised to use their own discretion and judgment when reading and interpreting these stories. We are not accountable for the source of these stories or any claims that may arise from their use.


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    1. Hello Debashree,

      Your message truly made my day! It’s heartening to know that our cherished folktales have nestled into your daily moments with little Krihsa❤️❤️. Beginning the journey of storytelling at such a tender age is truly magical. I hope these tales paint worlds of enchantment and curiosity for your little one. Enjoy every story and treasure these times! 💛📚✨



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