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The Oracle Feathered in Rainbow: A Folktale of Wisdom from the Kingdom of Utkala


Once upon a time, nestled between the emerald-green hills and sparkling rivers, lay the majestic kingdom of Utkala(modern-day Odisha). The air buzzed with an enchanting tale, a tale of a magical bird that conversed like humans. This was no mere parrot that mimicked sounds, but an oracle draped in a rainbow of iridescent feathers, whose answers held profound wisdom.

This fascinating tale swirled in the wind and found its way to the king, a scholarly man known for his pursuit of wisdom. He yearned to meet this divine creature, and thus, he sent his bravest knights on a quest to find the bird.

The knights ventured deep into the heart of the dense forest, the earthy scent of rain-soaked leaves filling their nostrils. After days of tireless search, they were guided by a melodious voice that carried the wisdom of ages. It led them to a grand Banyan tree where the bird, ablaze in sunlight, greeted them with a nod of its crown.

With reverence and a touch of awe, they requested the bird to join them in the king’s court. Recognizing the sincerity in their voices, the bird agreed, intrigued by the prospect of meeting a king with such a thirst for wisdom.

The arrival of the bird was celebrated with great fanfare. The king, mesmerized by the bird’s intelligence and beauty, welcomed it into his court. He found that the bird’s wisdom brought about a golden age in his reign, filling his kingdom with prosperity and peace. Happy with the harmony it brought, the bird decided to make the kingdom its home.

Evenings in the court became a time of deep conversations and laughter, with the bird sharing its wisdom in the form of delightful tales and riddles. Its wisdom permeated the kingdom, bringing a newfound sense of enlightenment to the people.

One quiet evening, the king, filled with curiosity, asked, “What, dear bird, is the greatest treasure one can possess?” The bird, reflecting the sunset in its bright eyes, replied, “Knowledge, dear king, is the most precious of all. It is impervious to theft, immune to decay, and its bounty brings prosperity and peace. Distribute it among your people, and your kingdom will forever revel in richness.”

Inspired by the bird’s wise words, the king built centers of learning across his kingdom, illuminating the minds of his people with the light of knowledge. The talking bird’s wise counsel marked an era of enlightenment in the kingdom, and Utkala thrived, becoming a beacon of wisdom and prosperity in the world. The tale of the king and his talking bird was told and retold, passed down through generations, a testament to the enduring power of wisdom and knowledge.

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