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Baula Gai: The Odia Folktale of the Brave Cow


It was a hot summer day in the small village of Jharapada. The sun beat down on the dusty ground, and the only sound was the occasional chirping of birds.

In a small field on the edge of the village, a cow named Baula was grazing. Baula was a beautiful cow with long, flowing hair and gentle eyes. She was also very brave.

One day, as Baula was grazing, she heard a noise in the bushes. She turned around and saw a tiger. The tiger was big and powerful, and Baula knew that she was in danger.

The tiger started to walk towards Baula, and she knew that she had to do something. She couldn’t just stand there and let the tiger eat her.

Baula took a deep breath and stood up. She stared the tiger in the eye, and she let out a loud moo.

The tiger was surprised by Baula’s courage. It had never seen a cow stand up to it before.

“Why are you so afraid of me?” Baula asked the tiger. “I am just a cow.”
“You may be just a cow,” the tiger replied, “but you are also very brave. I have never seen a cow stand up to a tiger before.”
“I am not afraid of you,” Baula said. “I am a mother, and I will protect my baby at all costs.”

Baula’s baby was hidden in the bushes, and the tiger could smell it. The tiger knew that if it attacked Baula, it would also have to fight her baby.

The tiger was not willing to risk a fight with both Baula and her baby. It turned and walked away, leaving Baula unharmed.

Baula was relieved that the tiger had left, but she was also proud of herself for standing up to it. She knew that she had done the right thing by protecting her baby.

Baula’s story spread throughout the forest, and all the animals were amazed by her bravery. From that day on, no animal dared to attack Baula or her baby.

Baula lived a long and happy life, and she was always remembered as the cow who was brave enough to stand up to a tiger.

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