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Thakurani Jatra: How a Greedy Landlord Learned the Value of Sharing

Thakurani Yatra

Long ago, in a small village in Odisha, there lived a wealthy landlord. He had a reputation for being selfish and greedy, never once helping the poor in his village. Despite the repeated requests from the villagers to help those in need, the landlord ignored them and continued to live a life of luxury and extravagance.

One day, the goddess Thakurani decided to visit the village in the form of a woman. She was welcomed by the villagers, who offered her food and shelter. However, when she went to the landlord’s house and asked for some food and water, he rudely refused her and asked her to leave immediately. Shocked by his behaviour, the goddess decided to test the village’s hospitality.

She went from house to house, asking for food and shelter, but no one was willing to help her. Disappointed and disheartened, the goddess left the village, but not before cursing it with a severe drought and famine.

As the drought hit the village, the once prosperous land became barren and dry. The villagers started to suffer, and many of them died due to hunger and thirst. The landlord, too, faced the consequences of his greed and selfishness, as his wealth and power became meaningless in the face of the disaster.

Realizing his mistake, the landlord decided to seek forgiveness from the goddess. He went to her temple and prayed for mercy. Moved by his prayers, the goddess appeared before him and asked him why he had come. The landlord narrated his story, seeking forgiveness and redemption.

The goddess forgave him and gave him a task to do. She instructed him to distribute his wealth among the poor and needy, saying that it was the only way to lift the curse from the village. The landlord agreed, and he went from house to house, distributing his wealth and helping those in need. Slowly, but surely, the village started to recover from the drought, and the curse was lifted.

The story of Thakurani Jatra teaches us the importance of being kind, compassionate, and generous to others, especially those in need. It highlights the consequences of being selfish and greedy, and how it can lead to disastrous consequences. The goddess, in the form of a woman, teaches us a valuable lesson about hospitality and the true meaning of wealth and power.

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