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The story of the “Crying Deity”

Crying Deity

Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of Odisha, there stood the Kakatapur Mangala Temple, dedicated to the divine Goddess Mangala. The temple, known for its grandeur and sacredness, held a special place in the hearts of the devotees who sought blessings and solace within its walls.

During the construction of the grand Jagannath Temple in Puri, which is located not too far from Kakatapur, an extraordinary event unfolded that would leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the people. The construction of the Jagannath Temple was a massive undertaking, and devotees from far and wide were engaged in its creation.

One day, as the artisans and laborers toiled tirelessly on the construction site, a strange occurrence took place. The idol of Goddess Mangala at the Kakatapur Mangala Temple began shedding tears—tears that were vividly crimson, resembling drops of blood. News of this miraculous event spread like wildfire throughout the region, capturing the attention and curiosity of all.

People from every corner of Odisha flocked to the Kakatapur Mangala Temple, hoping to catch a glimpse of the divine manifestation. They were awestruck as they witnessed the tears streaming down the face of the deity. The spectacle was both mesmerizing and unsettling, as the devotees struggled to comprehend the significance of this extraordinary occurrence.

The priests and scholars delved into the ancient texts and legends, seeking answers to the divine mystery. They discovered a sacred legend that would explain the reason behind the deity’s tears. According to the legend, Goddess Mangala had expressed her deep concern for the delay in the construction of the Jagannath Temple. She longed for her beloved Lord Jagannath, who would soon reside in the magnificent temple.

Realizing the urgency and significance of the situation, the devotees rallied together to redouble their efforts in completing the construction of the Jagannath Temple. They were filled with a newfound determination, driven by their unwavering devotion and a deep sense of responsibility towards their deities.

As the work on the Jagannath Temple progressed with renewed vigor, the tears of blood gradually ceased to flow from the eyes of the idol in the Kakatapur Mangala Temple. The divine message had been received, and the deities were appeased by the sincere devotion and dedication of their followers.

Finally, after years of relentless effort, the Jagannath Temple in Puri stood tall, resplendent with its magnificent architecture and divine sanctity. The deities were ceremoniously installed, and the region erupted in joyous celebrations, marking the successful completion of the sacred project.

The miraculous event at the Kakatapur Mangala Temple became etched in the annals of Odia folklore, forever inspiring generations to uphold their faith, dedication, and determination. The tears of blood shed by the deity served as a profound reminder of the power of devotion and the divine bond shared between the deities and their devotees.

To this day, the Kakatapur Mangala Temple stands as a testament to the miraculous occurrence, drawing countless pilgrims who pay homage to the deity and seek blessings for a fulfilled life. The story of the “Crying Deity” continues to be narrated, celebrated, and cherished, passing on the legacy of faith and devotion from one generation to the next in the mystical land of Odisha.

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