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The Tragic Tale of Patachara: A Story of Love, Loss, and Redemption


Patachara is a famous Odia folktale that tells the story of a young woman named Patachara, who endures a series of tragedies in her life. Despite the hardships, Patachara remains devoted to her family and eventually finds happiness.

Patachara was born in a small village in Odisha. She was the youngest of four sisters, and her parents doted on her. However, when Patachara was just a few years old, her father died suddenly, leaving her mother to raise four daughters alone. Despite the hardships, Patachara’s mother worked hard to provide for her family, and all four sisters grew up to be strong and independent women.

When Patachara was a young woman, she fell in love with a handsome young man from a neighbouring village. They were married and soon had a son. Patachara was overjoyed, but her happiness was short-lived. Just a few months after the birth of their son, Patachara’s husband died suddenly. Patachara was devastated. She had lost her father and now her husband, leaving her alone to raise her son.

Patachara returned to her mother’s home with her son, but tragedy struck again. A flood swept through their village, destroying everything in its path. Patachara’s mother and two of her sisters were killed, and Patachara and her son were left homeless.

With nowhere else to turn, Patachara set out on a long journey, wandering from village to village, begging for food and shelter. She became known as a wise and compassionate woman, and people would often seek her advice. Despite her own hardships, Patachara remained devoted to her family and never forgot where she came from.

Years passed, and Patachara grew old. One day, she came upon a group of monks who were travelling to a nearby temple. The monks were impressed by Patachara’s wisdom and asked her to join them. Patachara agreed, and they travelled together to the temple.

When they arrived, the monks were surprised to find that the temple was in disrepair. The roof was leaking, and the walls were crumbling. Patachara knew that she had found her true calling. She set to work, using her knowledge of building and construction to repair the temple.

The monks were amazed by Patachara’s skill, and they asked her to stay at the temple as their leader. Patachara agreed, and for the rest of her life, she dedicated herself to the temple and its people. She became known as a wise and compassionate leader, and people would often seek her advice.

Years passed, and Patachara grew old. One day, she was visited by her son, who had grown up to be a successful merchant. He was shocked to find his mother living in a temple, but he was proud of her for all that she had accomplished. Patachara was overjoyed to see her son, and they spent many happy days together.

In the end, Patachara died peacefully, surrounded by the people she had helped and loved. Her legacy lived on, and she became a symbol of strength and compassion for generations to come.

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