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Dukhiya and the Enchanted Cow: A Folktale of True Wealth

Dukhiya Folktale

Dukhiya was a poor farmer who lived in a small village in Odisha. He had a small piece of land on which he grew crops to feed his family. Despite working hard, he struggled to make ends meet and often went to bed hungry.

One day, while tending to his fields, Dukhiya came across a cow that was grazing nearby. He noticed that the cow looked different from the others he had seen before. It had a golden coat and its eyes sparkled like diamonds. Dukhiya was amazed by the cow’s beauty and approached it cautiously.

To his surprise, the cow spoke to him in a human voice. It told him that it was a magical cow that could fulfill all his wishes. Dukhiya was overjoyed by this news and asked the cow to make him rich.

The cow granted his wish, and soon Dukhiya became the wealthiest man in the village. He built a big house, bought expensive clothes, and ate lavish meals every day. However, as time passed, Dukhiya’s greed grew stronger.

He began to wish for more and more wealth, and the cow granted all his wishes. However, with each wish, Dukhiya’s happiness diminished. He became more and more miserable, despite having everything he had ever wanted.

The village’s richest man was also its loneliest. He realized wealth was just a mirage, leading him away from the true treasures – the love of his family, the laughter of friends, and the simple joys of life.

In despair, he returned to the magical cow. With tearful eyes, he begged, “Undo my wishes. Give me back my real riches.” And as the cow weaved its magic once more, Dukhiya was back in his old rickety hut, surrounded by the warmth of his loved ones. He had rediscovered the golden truth – that contentment, not coins, is the true measure of wealth.

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